The Web, Wool, and Knitted Knockers

January seems to be fading fast, but I’m enjoying it all the same. It is a very quiet month work-wise as Whinlatter is only, really, open at the weekends. So during the weeks I do have some work meetings and training, but also I have spare time to do whatever I please!

I felt quite inspired and learned a few nuggets of “writing for the web” wisdom at a training session.  How to catch people’s attention on your website or social media – did you know that people decide whether or not to stay on a web page within 4 seconds? I hope I’ve caught you!

I completed a peg-loom project – a striped doormat made from very local raw sheep’s fleece (from just round the corner) to add to our developing home here in the Lake District. I have also been commissioned to make a large rug – one small step to moving forward with my crafts business, which is still yet to take form.

Doormat woven on a peg-loom

Doormat woven on a peg-loom


Lovely sheep’s fleece from Rick’s farm (just round the corner)









I found out about something magnificent this week, thanks to Jan Martin and her blog. The organisation is called Knitted Knockers UK. This is a team of women who knit or crochet 100% cotton breast prostheses to take the place of silicone ones. Silicone prostheses can cause a lot of discomfort; they are heavy, and can rub against scars.
Knitted Knockers are lightweight, and the cotton is soft and breathable. I have joined the team of lovely ladies to start knitting knockers to order – I will be knitting a few to await approval, then I hope to joine the orders list!
I was very excited and inspired to hear of this amazing work referred to as “A gift from one woman to another. Made with love and filled with hope.” I will continue to update on my progress within this venture. If you’re interested, visit the Knitted Knockers UK website – you can join the facebook group to join the team, or make a request for prostheses through the website.

I’ve been very excited about the coming growing season, even though hard-frosts are still upon us – I mitigated my urge to plant thing by putting some chilli seeds in a propagator! I’m looking forward to getting started properly and doing my first full growing season.

Looking forward to the week ahead, I’m attending a presentation about the World Heritage Fund tomorrow, then I will need to purchase some local sheep’s fleece to make the rug order. We will go to see if there is anything useful at the household auction in town, and  I’ll be at work for the weekend. A few other things may crop up as well!