Another Adventure: The Costa Rica Experience – Journey from England.

I have finally reached Costa Rica after many months of planning and preparation. I had to produce a research proposal and risk assessment which were submitted to the relevant lecturers and, thankfully, were quickly approved before I left to collect the data. The lecturers (Naomi and Owen) were very supportive and helpful with the planning of my research project and I am so grateful for that, as Costa Rica is a fantastic place – or so I have been told.

This was the first time I’ve ever flown by myself and it definitely wasn’t as scary as I thought it’d be with having to change in Madrid. The change I had to make, it turned out, just involved getting off the plane and crossing the room to the right gate – not a big deal, thank goodness. The flight to Madrid was just a few hours and I managed to sleep for most of it, since I had been up since 1am. Time differences are confusing to me, and the flight from Madrid to San Jose left at 12.05pm and arrived at 3.30pm but the flight was over 10 hours long. I didn’t have it in my head that the flight would be quite that long and so I slept for most of that (about  6hours) as well, without much else to do. I flew with Iberia airlines, and will be on the return as well, and I’d definitely recommend them as they have an excellent service.

Once in San Jose, immigration and customs was quick and I changed some money to get some food and to pay for the bus tomorrow. The staff outside the airport were great and helped me to move my bags to get a taxi. They signed me up for one and in no time I was bundled into the car with the man I had been speaking with, who drove me to Maleku hostel no bother. If you’re interested it was a blue taxi I took and was $7 for the 5-10minute journey to Maleku Hostel ( It’s a very friendly place and the staff are happy to help you find your way and point out some good destinations to head to. It’s also a good place to meet other traellers who can shre experiences if on their way home, or maybe even to join on a trip if you’re alone. This is definitely a good starting point for your journey, and I’ll also be ending my adventure here before getting the plane home. There is a small shop close by and also a larger supermarket just a 5minute walk away.

Tomorrow I’ll be catching the bus to Monteverde. The bus stop is just 2 blocks away (about a 5minute walk) and it leaves at 7am. This will take 4.5hours to reach Monteverde. I can’t wait to get there and to then get into the rainforest! I’ll be staying in El Tucan hotel for a few nights before heading on to Aula Global Reserve (Global Classroom). I’ll have a look around the town, get a phone and sim card, get some food supplies and then be ready for the rainforest.

The Adventure has Begun – and in the words of the wonderful band which is Goldfish: I don’t want to live like I’ve already lived, but I do want to get busy living


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