Back in the Family Fold

I arrived back home at around 8pm on Monday 23rd July. My family came to pick me up at the airport, and before they realised, I was already through customs and out of the door as they were drinking their Costa Coffees. They ran over to me, and it felt good to be back. I haven’t felt genuinely sad or upset about leaving Costa Rica, as I think I was ready to be looked after for a little while at home with the Family. I had such a fantastic time, words can’t even describe it, but I will try in a series of blogs I will be posting.

It may take me a while to get them all done and to go through pictures, so please be patient as I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Those planning to go to Costa RIca, don’t hesitate. It’s the most beautiful and happy place. I will write short reviews on places I stayed and things I did as well, so if you are planning to travel there you can take away some handy information!

Pura Vida

Hannah x


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