The first week of 2015

The end of the first week in January 2015 (and a bit more)… I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but I find myself wanting to keep up with my neglected blog. I enjoy writing, and I’m finding new avenues to develop that. I’m working on my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, and I would like to use my blog to keep track of progress and projects as part of this. I’ve also created a blog at work for Whinlatter Forest, which is giving me more experience in social media uses, and marketing.

I’m feeling much more motivated from the beginning of this year as I find myself in a job I enjoy and can see great potential in, and I’m in a lovely cottage right next to the Lake District National Park with my partner. We can grow food due to our generous landlord providing extra land and letting us keep ducks (for eggs, not meat, at the moment!) We have made lots of friends in community groups, through the permaculture community, and through work. I’m also very excited to work with the local wool and yarn to knit and weave, hopefully learn to crochet, and keep sewing lovely things, to add to my Etsy shop Rusty Bear Creations and grow a business in crafts.

I try to show gratitude for all the I have, and remain grateful for the opportunities I have to continuously develop. Sometimes it is hard to keep moving forward, so I am also grateful for and utilise pauses in each day. I find that with regular tea breaks, more gets done!

I’m now already looking forward to Spring as the days get longer, and I am excited to get planting seeds once I’ve come up with a bit of a gardening plan. This season will be nowhere near as rushed as last season as moving house and starting a new job were the main priorities. However, we were able to create a base to work on – raised beds, duck pen, herb spiral, and a large collection of free resources!

Here’s to a beautiful 2015 – The Brilliance of Life courtesy of William Bloom

Remember to show gratitude for all things. Here is my inspiration from Satish Kumar:

(Links sent to me by my wonderful Auntie Denise – Thank You)


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