About Hannah

profileI am a Graduate in BSc Animal Conservation Science after studying at the University of Cumbria. I am now employed as a Visitor Services Assistant at Whinlatter Forest Park in Cumbria. I live in a really beautiful place; I feel lucky to be here and to have a permanent job which allows me the time to continue my personal development.

After I graduated in June 2013, I went to Washington State and Canada for 3 months. This was a fantastic experience, where I completed an internship at Conservation Northwest as Wolf Conservation and Policy intern. Believe it or not, but Jasmine Minbashian offered me the internship after reading my blog “A Wolf dominated Wild: Something Lost but not Forgotten”. It has always been a dream of mine to work within wolf conservation, and now I’ve had an amazing first taster of what it is like – extremely hard work, balancing the wants and issues of all stakeholders. In Canada I volunteered to assist a PhD student, Sarah Elmeligi, for a short time on her project looking at the impact of human movement via footpaths on Grizzly bear behaviour (check out her blog). I hiked so much in that week or so, near Canmore and Banff, to collect camera traps and then process the data. I loved every second. I travelled afterwards to Jasper, an awe-inspiring place, and then through the Rocky Mountains on the train to Vancouver, then to Victoria to spend my final week on Vancouver Island in Tofino. I came back to the UK, with many experiences behind me, but it was incredibly difficult to find a job, of any sort, and I had to tackle the benefits system. It definitely wasn’t what I had planned after working so hard to get my degree, so don’t be under the forced illusion that degree = job. It took me 4 months, and now I’m in a place I really want to be. Without all my volunteering experience I wouldn’t be here.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying for my degree, and I aim to continue my education into the future. Although my degree refers to conservation alone, it included topics on preserving (maintaining something in its original state), and reversing damage to the environment. Most areas are already damaged by man, and taking the areas back to the original state should be the goal. The issue there is finding the baseline to which we should aim for. Generally, though, this would involve “rewilding”. Rewilding is contentious in the public eye – is backward the way forward? What a beautiful idea. Realistic? Well its very successful in Europe at the moment (http://www.rewildingeurope.com/) and I think the UK should, and needs to, join the party. I have also now been introduced to Permaculture by completing the Permaculture Design Certificate, which I can see featuring heavily in my future education.

Whilst I enjoy writing, I also enjoy the wonderful world of photography to document my personal experiences. I have travelled, where I have found joy and culture, and I will continue to do so in the future. I want to learn from the people who have a much closer connection with their environment, and have to deal with the day-to-day issues associated with this due to poverty or conflict with the wildlife. I want to educate young people about the natural world, as our connections to it are vital for the survival of everything.

Please comment on my posts. Although discussions can halt actions, they can also educate, provoke thought, and create connections between people and topics which should be close to them. Complacency is a crime.

Colour the World Over. What is that? What does it mean? To me it means revitalising the World. Many people lead grey existences in an astounding place. The World is magnificent, so embrace it.


2 thoughts on “About Hannah

  1. Now I know why you came to me last night while playing music at a gig last night. It was uncanny. I had not read your blog yet and for some reason I was inspired after our show was over. We have so much in common. Beliefs, passions. Its great to know others are out there. Follow your passions Hannah and you will change the world. One child at a time. Good for you Hannah. Go get it.

  2. “I clearly saw in Hannah her passion for “being the change that you wish to see in the world” and so encouraged her to explore that through adding to her knowledge and experience by undertaking the twelve week (72 hours) course in permaculture that I co-taught with Wilf Richards, Director at Abundant Earth near Durham in the North East of England. She proved to be a very diligent and well read student who argued her positions from a position of combined practical and academic experience and was also very open to embracing new forms and areas of learning… always seeking to see the applications in her own evolving Life Journey. I look forward to contributing to her continuing education as she applies the Ethics, Principles and Design Tools and to her subsequently teaching me too.

    Alan Charlton, Director and Community Facilitator for Community Led Solutions & Associates, Permaculture Teacher and Transition Activist based at John Peel Farm, Caldbeck, Cumbria, CA7 8HJ.

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